This page and the ones linked from here are considered to be archived. I keep this mainly up in case people are still interested in this old stuff.

Old stuff from here....

This site provides me with a place to dump some information and software on the general public.
This 'BT Control' link or one at the left brings you to the Bluetooth Control tool area.

Recent changes

2007-07-21 Introduced possibilities again for emailing me, address is a bit hidden to prevent spam . I will remove email addresses from the next release of btcontrol as well.

2007-06-01 Removed some links to other websites that did not exist anymore.

2006-11-20 Updated the webpages to remove all references to email addresses, this should reduce the amount of spam I receive.

2006-07-25 Updated the forum to make life difficult for registration robots running for certain persons to upgrade their weblink points.

2006-01-14 Added D750 as supported phone in 4.1Beta2. As with previous 4xx releases, earlier registrations stay valid. Download.

2006-01-08 New phonetypes like K750, W800, Z420, W600 and W900 require other commands for the handling of menus. Also had a user request to be able to drop the Bluetooth connection when a call came in, to be able to connect a bleutooth-headset. Also added support for Windows XP themes, not fantastic but it sort of works. 
So a new (Beta) version is available for download and testing, if you want the new goodies. Check here.

2005-06-20 Had problems with the registration service. Should be ok again now.

2005-06-07 Changed house, internet provider and Linux distribution in server. See if things are still functioning ;-|

2005-03-22 Still alive and kicking, bit busy with other things as well. Defined the download possibility for a new version of BTcontrol 4.0.4Beta2. New features: change active phone profile via BTcontrol menu or taskbar-icon; you can define mouse-click-and-hold to drag things in mouse mode; execution of applications (or batch files) can be done 'minimized'; support of K700; and also an action to 'shutdown-windows' (this is one way, not possible to start your PC from the phone).

2004-10-26 Added information on supported and unsupported phones to the FAQ .

2004-09-24 Just found out that Windows XP SP2 contains the Microsoft Bluetooth stack !!! This means that you must check the site of your Bluetooth device provider, there should be a driver update there. Actually just a .cat and a .inf file.
Remove your current driver, after the restart point the driver wizard to the directory with the two files. Works great (for me).
See the forum; I have posted some more details in the Windows XP part.

2004-07-06 Introduced links to Branimir LambovÕs site with some interesting Bluetooth drivers to control WinAmp, he seems to interwork (apart from SonyEricsson phones) also with a Siemens S55..

2004-04-27 Discovered a small issue when changing the COMport, the new setting is not saved when BTcontrol is killed at Windows closing down. It was only saved when you manually close BTcontrol. I have replaced the downloadable version.

2004-04-25 Found the FMA-tool back again on the internet. Quite powerfull but not completely ready yet. They need developers !!! I have put a link on the Links page.

2004-04-19 Ready for release ! I do not want to delay any more. The most recent version of BTcontrol 4.0.3 is now ready for anybody. It is very likely that, given the amount of new functionality that you will bump into a bug or two. Maybe certain phone types ? I Can test with T610, T68i and R520 but even then to test everything is beyond the amount of time I can spend on this. Please check the forum for problems and bug reporting. For download here.

2004-04-10 Minor extension possibility to present the current phone profile at (re)connection and a bug correction.. Also included the Microsoft Windows XP Bluetooth support. This will remove the need to have to maintain a separate BTcontrol version. If you want to download it for testing check the forum and in particular the 'Announcements' area

2004-04-02 Made the tenth and eleventh  versions of the BTcontrol Beta available for testing. If you want to download it for testing check the forum and in particular the 'Announcements' area

2004-03-22 The sixth ;-( version of the BTcontrol Beta seems quite stable. If you want to download it for testing check the forum and in particular the 'Announcements' area

2004-01-13 Work on the next release of BTcontrol continues. In the mean time I have now started an own forum on my server. The one on Yahoo generated too many advertisements, and I am also suspicious regarding email-ids at Yahoo. To post registration is also required on my forum but the email-ids will remain hidden. Reading/Viewing does not require registration. Check updated 'Forum' link at the left.

2003-10-26 Noticed some issues on the Beta, probably have to distinguish between phones even more. The option buttons of the R520, T68 and T610 all generate another event ... :-(
Updated the FAQ, made a special page for WindowsXP.

2003-10-14 New version available for download 3.5.1Beta. Apart from small improvements support for the extra buttons of the T610/Z600 and T68. Go directly to improvements details.

2003-08-21 Repaired an error for the 'Email Us' button. Updated the links page to include PhoneFront. Introduced the possibility to handle donations I am curious who will be the first to test that ;-))

2003-08-15 Moved the whole site contents into CityDesk again, should simplify my maintenance effort ;-| .

2003-07-15 OK downloadable files on a new friendly (high speed) location, also made the Lego-control-movies available again.

2003-07-12 My ISP blocked the download pages due to too much traffic :-( For the moment you are served from my homeserver, I will think about a better (higher speed) solution.

2003-07-04 Added link to (Interesting) Links, all types of stuff for a T610, lucky owners should check the site.

2003-07-01 Just tested BT Control with a T610, works fine !! Should make a list of supported devices on this site.

2003-05-08 Updated the links page with a link to the Renegade's Ericsson Mobile Phone Site

2003-05-01 Introduced new version of Bluetooth Control for Windows XP. Has its own version numbering starting as 1.0.0. Does require that you have the Microsoft Bluetooth stack as well as a supported Bluetooth device.

2003-03-14 Started a BluetoothControl group at yahoo, see if that is useful. Added a link to it in the menu.

2003-03-07 Removed a number of spelling errors, introduced a FAQ page and also a page with interesting links.

2003-02-16 Introduced the LegoControl pages as example of controlling an application on the PC. In this case the application controls Lego Mindstorms™ or Lego Cybermaster™ robots.


2003-02-08 Added the BT control version for people with Windows XP that manage to get the MS Bluetooth stack working.


2003-02-01 Got it al together and started up the site.





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